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Yay for you loving it so much! I hope you noticed the little line I added in just for you and any future fics in this universe. (If not, let me know and I will point it out.) I definitely wanted to give them both a happy ending!
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Well, let's see. There were actually a few that stood out to me as being very 'yay!' for me personally. For starters: NO TIME LORDS! Honestly, I still do not know how I feel about that part of the 50th. And this way I don't need to go do any research on them. Then there's traveling through universes... um, HI, ROSE AND 10.2, AND YOU CAN SEE HAPPILY MARRIED MICKEY AND MARTHA! Then the line about being unwritten or rewritten, reminded me of Eleven explaining to Amy how she could still remember the clerics at the end of Flesh and Stone, because she is a time traveler, so this does not affect River, Luke R. or anyone else who has traveled with the Vadlott, yes? And I think that's all I got. But, like I said in another comment, this is from me reading it after 3AM so I may have missed something. Which is why in a few days (hopefully) I will be going back and reading it all again, and in the correct order. No accidentally missing a part this time like I did when Bracewell was traveling with the Vadlott!
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Yes, the Time Lords were a complication I was glad I didn't include (and in fact completely disposed of by the Vadlott's alternate!Gallifrey to which he can happily return if they become bastards in the 'proper' universe).

And I added the possibility of between-universe travel just for you. Of course, 10.2 would also hate the sight of the Vadlott, so there's a challenge straight away. But he does need the chance to go back and see the Lukes (part of me could also see Oswin finding at least one of them rather nice, but that's just my romantic side coming out).

I look forward to your comments after your complete reread!
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BWAHAHAHAHA! Perfect fix! :D

Well, yes, 10.2 would hate the Vadlott at sight but I think Rose might help bring him around given a)Rose has met the Vadlott and b)Ten forced 10.2 into a parallel universe from which he could not leave and with no ability to time travel so... I think I can work it out ;)

YES! THE LUKES! AND SARAH JANE! Since in my fic she's definitely going to be alive and raising Sky!

LOL, Oh, Oswin, you flirt, you! And of course Oswin and Luke R. have some lovely parallels in their relationship with the Vadlott so they'd have lots to talk about. Also, Luke S. is fully committed to Maria, sorry! (No, I'm not because, dude, LUKE/MARIA! XD)

I shall hopefully have a lot more coherent comments with a reread instead of just 'OMG's!
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Ah, but Rose hasn't met the Vadlott! I don't think. Unless I'm forgetting something. He knew about her. He met Mickey and her mum (who might be able to say something), but I don't think I ever had them meet. (I'm happy to be wrong if I've forgotten something.)

Ooh, excellent! (Perhaps the Vadlott sneaks something through from the alternate universe to save her life. Or the Doctor does.)

Oh, Oswin would be so, SO flirty, and Luke R would have no idea how to cope. Then again, I'm not certain Luke S would either. And Maria would roll her eyes so hard they would almost come out of her head. But I suspect Sarah Jane would work with the Vadlott to push them together (although does that leave the Vadlott without a companion again?).

I shall look forward to it! :-)
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Why did I think they met? Did they pass each other or something? Or is that in my notes, that I was going to have Rose meet him when she was hopping through universes? I don't know, I'll figure it out.

Definitely some possibilities there! Perhaps the two of them both do it... Hmm....

Yes, Maria would be like 'Okay, Luke S, time to take you away from here and shop for purses.' Seriously loved that opening scene from Warriors of Kudlak XD

No, no, because the Vadlott could travel with both of them and go insane from their genius selves OR he could do a fix so that the Judoon forget about Clyde and Rani being 'grounded' and he takes them along. I would say Luke S as well, but then Maria would have to go too and that would be just too much to deal with haha
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I'm not sure. I put a part in Partners in Crime where the Vadlott was going to call after Rose before she returned to the parallel universe, but then remembered she would have no idea who he was. He then goes on to meet every other one of the Doctor's companions other than the one-off ones, so I can see why you might be confused.

Ooh, that would be interesting. Having them team up to save her. Could be fun! (And you could even bring Three and Four along for the ride...)

*lol* She so would! "Let's leave these two alone for a while. Come one!"

And does that mean the Vadlott and Sarah through space with both Lukes, Oswin and Maria? Could be very, very interesting...


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