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Title: All For The Girls Part 4/4
Author: [livejournal.com profile] katherine_b
Rating: G
Summary: It only takes one small thing to change everything.
Characters: Donna Noble, Sarah Jane Smith and Martha Jones (oh, and the Doctor)

Part Four - The Doctor

The last Time Lord from Gallifrey (or this version of him anyway) loves talking.

He is, therefore, not at all happy to be tied up and, most tiresomely, gagged. After all, he was only trying to help. The TARDIS had brought him here just as the invading robotic army was setting up its headquarters, and he dove in with his usual enthusiasm, trying to find a way to make them leave without starting a war. Unfortunately they had immediately taken him to be human and, what's worse, a spy. As a result, they won't listen to a word he says, and have silenced him to make sure they don't have to either.

His eyes rove around the room, hoping to locate some object that will give him a clue as to the invaders' plans and how he might thwart them. What he notices instead, however, are two strange shadows visible in the narrow space beneath the door that, the Doctor believes, leads outside. From the size of the interruptions to the light, he suspects that there are two people standing there. He has the idea, from their size and shape, that they are not members of the robot invaders. What he cannot know for certain is whether these people outside are allies of the robots or are people who might help him to escape. Regardless, his best chance is to get over there and find out.

Even as he is beginning to inch in that direction, however, the computers around which the robots are gathered begin to beep menacingly.

"Perimiter breached!" blares a mechanical voice from speakers hung high on the wall. "All units on alert. Perimiter breached!"

"Remove the spy!" shouts the robot leader, even as the Doctor sees that the shadows beneath the door have disappeared.

"Bind his eyes," another of the robots gathered around the computer barks. "He must not see our secrets!"

Metal hands snap around the Doctor's biceps, but more alarmingly another of the robots stops in front of the Time Lord, and then, even before he can roll his eyes, the world goes dark as a blindfold is applied. He struggles, trying to yell in protest, but the grip of metallic hands is unyielding and in attempting to make a sound, he almost chokes on the tape across his mouth.

A moment later the pressure on his arms forces him to take a step forward and then another. He senses that he is being led towards the door that had caught his attention earlier, and as he hears a low hum and then feels fresh air on his face, he knows that he was correct about it leading outside.

The door slides shut behind them, and as suddenly as the Doctor was made to move, he is brought up short.

"Intrud-" one of the robots gets out before both of them let out strangled electronic whines.

The Doctor picks up on the faintest whirring, which dies away as the robots crash to the ground on either side of him. He could swear that the sound was familiar, that he had heard it a long time ago, but now he can't place it.

He has no chance to attempt identification. Other hands seize him, but these are warm and human and, most importantly, friendly. He might not be able to speak thanks to the gag across his mouth, but he knows exactly who they are.

"We have to go," hisses Martha. Magnificent Martha Jones.

"The door isn't holding," cries Sarah. Superb Sarah Jane Smith.

The thuds on the nearby door - the Doctor can sense the vibrations, being so close to them - attest to this.

"There's scores of them!" exclaims Sarah. "Run!"

"Where? There's soldiers everywhere!" Martha pulls on the Doctor's arm and he stumbles after her, unseeing, unspeaking, unable to free himself. "We'll have to jump!"

The Doctor cries out in protest, almost choking on the gag, his voice an incomprehensible mumble of indistinct sounds.

Beside him, Martha gives a shrill whistle that makes him start. An engine roars from somewhere nearby and the Doctor hears it rapidly drawing closer before it comes to a sudden stop somewhere below them, the engine idling at speed.

"Should we untie him?" asks Sarah.

"No time," snaps Martha. "Go!"

Four hands press against his back and the Doctor is forced to take a stumbling step forward into thin air. He has no chance to yell before he begins to fall, and he drops into nothing, but even as he tenses for a hard landing, he flops onto a surprisingly soft leather surface instead.

Close by, two pairs of feet - Sarah and Martha - land on the ground on either side, and he hears them scramble up onto whatever he is lying on. A pair of legs bumps against his - Martha's, he can tell, because they are too short to be Sarah Jane's - and the engine revs.

"Go!" Sarah orders and the object on which he is laying roars into motion.

"This is Doctor Jones," Martha snaps, most likely into a communicator or phone, the Doctor guesses. "We have the Doctor safely. Go! Go! Go!"

Behind them, vehicles roar into life and feet pound along the ground. There is a muted explosion - the Doctor guesses that is the door being blown open to let the UNIT troops inside - and then they turn a corner and the sounds fade away.

"I suppose we’d better free him," suggests Martha almost casually. "Have you got that knife handy, Sarah Jane?"

"Take the tape off his mouth first," replies Sarah, and her tones suggest she is forcing down a giggle. "After this long without talking, he's probably about to choke."

"Hey!" the Doctor exclaims indignantly, but it comes out as "Mmgh!" instead.

The next instant the tape is ripped from his mouth and he howls in pain. "Ow!"

"Sorry." Martha doesn't sound that sorry, but she is busy trying to free his hands so, for once, he doesn't argue. He is thankful to be able to stretch once his arms are free and then, once he is sitting up, his fingers fly to the tape across his eyes in preparation for removing it.

"Rip that off and you'll lose both eyebrows, Doctor," warns Martha. "I'll get it off as quickly as I can."

In response, the Doctor fishes blindly in the pocket of his jacket. "Sonic," he suggests, thankful to be able to speak clearly at last.

"No, thanks." Martha lightly pushes his hand away. "I can manage."

The whirring noise he heard when the robot sentries were dispatched is repeated, and now the Doctor frowns because, being so close to him, this sound is very, very familiar.

"What is that?"

"Just a moment, Doctor," says Martha dismissively, and then he feels the adhesive of the tape loosen so it can be gently peeled back.

He blinks in the sudden light before looking up at the women who have rescued him, grinning at Sarah and then Martha. But his eyes then fall on the object in Martha's hand and he snatches up the laser spanner he lost to that cheeky woman Emmeline Pankhurst so long ago.

Then, even as he is about to speak, a new sound interrupts his astonishment.

"If you don't mind, Spaceman," says a voice the Doctor never thought he would hear again, and his head snaps round in astonishment to stare at the driver, who is grinning at him in the rearview mirror. She holds a demanding hand back over her shoulder. "I'd like that that spanner of mine back."

"Donna!" He barely lets his former companion finish her sentence before flinging his arms around her. "Oh, Donna Noble!"

"Actually, Time Boy," she says lightly, even as she pats his arm, "unless you want me to drive old Bessie here into a ditch – and us with her! – you'd better let me steer."

"Bessie!" In the shock of the news, the Doctor releases his hold on the redhead and stares at what he can see of the roadster he knows so well. Now he understands why the engine sounded familiar, and why the shape of the seat on which he landed had not felt completely strange, even if the leather itself is new.

Dropping back against the rear seat of his one-time car, he gapes at the three women, seeing that Donna has pulled Bessie over to the side of the road so that she, like Sarah, can turn from the front of the car to watch him and wait for his response.

"What?!" is the only word he can manage to get out.

Donna rolls her eyes. "Oh, here we go," she complains. "Him and his 'what'ing. Somebody stop him, quick."

The Doctor glances sharply from Martha to Sarah, half-offended when it is clear that both of them are struggling not to laugh. He opens his mouth to protest - only to be interrupted by a series of explosions from the factory in which the robotic invaders had established themselves.

Donna immediately puts Bessie into gear and affects a surprisingly sharp u-turn considering the vehicle's age, heading back in the direction of the sounds. Martha pulls out her communicator and begins a sharp discussion with someone on the other end. Sarah, meanwhile, remains focused on the Doctor.

"This is like old times," she suggests, smiling as she pats Bessie's seat.

"In some ways," he agrees. "But this is a new team."

"That's what you said before, when we were facing the Sontarans," Donna reminds him. "The new-new team."

"I did," he agrees, glancing from one to another of the women around him and unable to help giving a contented smile. "Then this must be the new-new-new team."
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posted by [identity profile] time-converges.livejournal.com at 01:34am on 25/05/2013
Aw, yay, the new-new-new team! :) I love it!!
posted by [identity profile] katherine-b.livejournal.com at 02:57am on 25/05/2013
So glad you do!
posted by [identity profile] tkel-paris.livejournal.com at 05:23am on 25/05/2013

Of course, they have to save him. Of course he'd rush right in and be mistaken. He needs a companion to stop him from making a right fool of himself. :P

So Martha and Sarah got to be the immediate rescuers. Figures since Donna's connected to Bessie. Though you've given me ideas with that eyebrows coming off with duct tape image. :)

Oh, yes, and he has to nearly cause an accident in his joy at seeing Donna again. Think he nearly had a hearts attack over seeing Bessie again? ;)

Is there more, please? :DDDD
posted by [identity profile] katherine-b.livejournal.com at 08:16am on 25/05/2013
*g* Yes, the Doctor really must be saved, if only from himself and his habit of rushing in where angels fear to tread.

Oh, we couldn't have the Doctor finding out about Donna too soon! (I may or may not have been thinking of other incarnations of the Doctor who have been less blessed in the eyebrow department than Ten.) And yes, I think he probably came very close to a heart-attack at the sight of Bessie.

I hadn't been planning more, but realised I had left out one of the Doctor's girls. The epilogue may not be done for my usual posting time, but I will get it done asap.

posted by [identity profile] tkel-paris.livejournal.com at 01:58pm on 25/05/2013
Oh, that phrase takes new meaning if the danger comes from certain Angels. :O


Duh! *facepalm* The TARDIS!!!!! Good luck!
posted by [identity profile] katherine-b.livejournal.com at 10:03pm on 25/05/2013
o_0 It does indeed!

And yes, I was facepalming myself pretty hard when I realised.
posted by [identity profile] dm12.livejournal.com at 01:37pm on 28/05/2013
I bet... the TARDIS has been with him through everything.

I love Donna's snark and all her nicknames for the Doctor! Only she could get away with that, and I'm thinking the Doctor really missed her attitude. The TARDIS will be glad to see her, too.

Now that's a team!
posted by [identity profile] katherine-b.livejournal.com at 12:42am on 29/05/2013
Yup, definitely his oldest girl.

Thank you. Yes, Donna's snark is certainly something I'm sure both the Doctor and the TARDIS will have missed.

And yes, a fantastic team!
develish1: (Default)
posted by [personal profile] develish1 at 07:48pm on 29/05/2013
silly spaceman, running in without thinking and getting himself caught and then needing his girls to come save him! lol

I'm guessing an epilogue showing a reunion with the TARDIS is coming, yes?

posted by [identity profile] katherine-b.livejournal.com at 06:41am on 31/05/2013
*lol* You know he would!

And yes, TARDIS part coming very soon!
snowflakie06: (ten it's all you doctor who)
posted by [personal profile] snowflakie06 at 08:24pm on 30/05/2013
Finally got around to reading the last two parts and ohmygod I love it! I want more! A whole novel! No, a whole series of novels! No - hang on, I think I'd better stop before I start channeling Ten....
posted by [identity profile] katherine-b.livejournal.com at 06:41am on 31/05/2013
*snerk* God knows where that would lead! And really, I have so many more ideas in the pipeline...


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