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I did think about doing that sort of critique study, but I think all of the love for Rose and the hate for anyone else (or the love for Amy and the hate for anyone else) would do my head in. The extremes in this fandom are really quite terrifying!

I think that's exactly right. The idea is a great one, but there are all sorts of problems associated with it that will probably never be solved. But then again, when someone's a time-traveller, you can't expect their life/lives to be straightforward!

Ah, yes, that's irritating! I did make sure I included Rose in my 50th fic and I tried to keep her balanced and quite positive. (I was proud of myself with what I achieved actually.) The thing is, she isn't that BAD a character. The real problem comes when she won't leave, and because her fans are quite terrifying.

And yes, I hate that about Clara, too. My fic did diminish her powers quite substantially because it bothers me so much.

Yup! Well, maybe whenever we get a new runner, that will be possible again...
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They are rather scary, yeah, and with so many characters to work with, it's not something I saw coming when I ventured into Whodom. Although, a few months ago I got the impression that Doctor/River shippers are cool with him having other relationships, which I wasn't expecting based on most D/R experiences, because Doctor/River is also canon. Reminds me, on the way in today, it occurred to me that an equally interesting study would be to look at how those who ship canon ships regard the non-canon ships/shippers in different fandoms, and if there's any patterns with regard to the time fans had to wait for the ship to be canon. I can think of one where it took almost 7 years, and another where it took 4, and I'm sure I'm forgetting some because I'm not thinking about Star Trek. I sometimes think I'm too flexible to be a real shipper, I can see subtext and UST almost anywhere if I watch something enough!

Erm, I should probably mention that this sums me up right now:

I am planning on reading your 50th fic... every time I saw you update it there was a sort of involuntary twitch toward clicking on the cut and then I chickened out for worry I'd get totally sucked in and get nothing done. Which doesn't seem to have stopped me in this comment thread.... ;) And yeah, the keep-coming-back thing made me shake my head, and I was watching it years after the fact before I stepped into Whodom, so I can only imagine what it was like at the time. Surely you jest, her fans are all incredible and kind and all that, and it's the Donna fans who are terrifying. ;-)

It seems that a lot of new Who female companions have special powers, and that's used as a significant basis for their character and character development (or what I think is supposed to be character development?). Err, I forgot where I was going with that, but it was most likely something about the classic Who companions usually just being people, and any special qualities being understated, and they could move on from the ones they got (Sarah Jane didn't keep going on about Eldred, for example).

After seeing the special, I also want someone who will not have the Doctor sonic everything. At least Hurt Doctor asked if they were planning to assemble a cabinet at them so I can sort of read it as self-mockery, but I love the sonic and I was sick of it in about a minute. I was happy to see Ten with a thing that goes ding and could microwave stuff, even though we didn't get to see him make it. Until the runner changes, I guess we'll have to write about Twelve (or is it Thirteen?) saving planets with two teaspoons, a bit of string, some random wires, and his hat.
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Sadly I think the long history of the show, and perhaps also the fact that there are so many different characters to become 'favourites', are responsible for the tension.

Great comic and so very true!

*lol* Well, it's all finished and posted now, so you may read it without worrying that it is still going to grow. No more twitching. ;-) I hope you enjoy it!

*g* I will call Rose's fans 'passionate' and Donna's fans 'thoughtful'. Make of that what you will.

I have to say that I feel this is a difference between Moff and RTD. RTD's companions were special because of the circumstances in which they found themselves. Rose absorbed the tardis. Martha walked the Earth. Donna became the Doctor-Donna. But none of this was pre-determined and the Doctor had no idea it was going to happen until it did. Moff's companions, on the other hand, seem pre-destined to be special and thus OF COURSE their actions lift them above being average people. (Of the two, I prefer RTD's ideas because I like the fact that, given the right circumstances, I, too, could be special and save the day.)

The sad fact is that companions (female) were once known for doing what it says in my icon. Running and screaming from rubber monsters. That doesn't work with modern views of women so their roles had to change. The only time it upsets me is if/when they overshadow the Doctor (because, after all, it's HIS show).

Yes, the sonic has been overused a bit. I would love it if we could have a Doctor who didn't use one. Perhaps that might be the way Moff differentiates Eleven from Twelve. Gadgets are great, but they get a little dull at times. I mean, yes, the sonics got a lot of press in this story because they also represented the Doctors themselves (same engine, different case/body), but they did get a little tiresome.


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